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Hello again...

— 12.11.2016 (⏱ 2 minutes)

Place for thoughts and ideas

This is my first try since years to build up my own place to publish my ideas, thoughts on. Further on it serves as a playground for me as a webdeveloper to test out ideas.

One idea is to progressively enhance this blog on the long run as a side project. So I “[…] start by establishing a basic level of user experience that all browsers will be able to provide when rendering […], but […] also build in more advanced functionality that will automatically be available to browsers that can use it.” (w3org).

Progressively enhanced

So everything starts with the HTML — the Hypertext Markup Language, the foundation of the web as Sir Tim Berners-Lee started inventing and using it more then 25 years ago with his colleagues at CERN. And that’s the beauty of the web: backwards compatibility. The 25 year old pages still work and they do it great in every browser, on every device on every connection (ok not offline…) at this planet earth! But we throw a bunch of bullshit nowadays on our pages which often ruins user experience and performance which was great before.

Beside of adding — hopefully — new posts and content regularly, I will go ahead by adding CSS — the Cascading Style Sheets — to this website with the goal to make this website look and feel great.

And then there is JavaScript from Brendan Eich based on the ECMAScript specification. Used to provide enhanced interactivity and functionality on the web, “[…] but it also breaks easily if things go awry, and unlike HTML and CSS it does not come with a fail-safe mechanism” (CSSence.com).

As I said I want to use this place as a playground. Trying things out extensively, maybe and probably fail in between and write about it.

A #webdev blog

That’s what I missed the last years. Writing about my own experience in my daily work when working on and with the web. I really want to try it again to enable some sort of longterm place for writing those things down.

I’m happy to have a new “home” on the web!

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