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  1. btconf2017 20.05.2017

    Hi, three long years after my first #btconf, my second took place in Düsseldorf early this week from 15th to 17th of May 2017. I arrived with a colleague on Sunday afternoon and with us real ☀️ weather. We checked in, waiting for other friends to arrive and then our target for the Sunday evening was the kickoff event at Sipgate. Kickoff Event @ Sipgate I really enjoyed my first Düsseldorf 🍺 and meeting a lot of people from my timeline there in person.

  2. CSS Quantity Queries 16.02.2017

    Hi, today I want to talk about a handy CSS snippet for day to day usage. The CSS Quantity Queries! How to use? I don’t want to give you the full background or insight into those. Especially as Heidon Pickering has done this already in a great A List Apart article. Let’s say you have an unordered list <ul> <li>1st</li> <li>2nd</li> <li>3rd</li> </ul> you want or need to style somehow different depending on the quantity of list items in it.

  3. HTTP/2 Talk by Christian Schaefer (German) 26.12.2016

    Christian Schaefer or better known as @derSchepp on Twitter did a great summing up talk at the Microsoft - Technical Summit 2016 a few weeks ago about the HTTP protocol history and the newest baby — HTTP/2 — in special. You can watch the video below, but I’m sorry for the non-german readers… the talk was given in German by Christian as it is his native language and the summit took place in Darmstadt.

  4. Serviceworker 12.12.2016

    As you are seeing this Service Workers are running successfully in the background of this website. Hooray 🎉