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  1. Gradient tools ⚒ 22.02.2018
    Last week I’ve found nearly at the same time two tools to easily create nice CSS gradients. GradPad GradPad is a nice, near full-screen, interactive tool to create gradients. There are two large knobs you can use to span the gradient and define the angle. Then there is sort of a timeline below where you can distribute your color stops on and on top of that define the opacity. Nice!


  1. CSS Quantity Queries 27.09.2017
    Hi, today I want to talk about a handy CSS snippet for day to day usage. The CSS Quantity Queries! How to use? I don’t want to give you the full background or insight into those. Especially as Heidon Pickering has done this already in a great A List Apart article. Let’s say you have an unordered list <ul> <li>1st</li> <li>2nd</li> <li>3rd</li> </ul> you want or need to style somehow different depending on the quantity of list items in it.