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  1. VSCode Extensions 30.07.2019
    I’m using VSCode since several years for private projects, but also during my working time as a frontend developer. Within this time I got a lot of extensions installed, tested and uninstalled again. But today I would like to report about those extensions that I kept in and use in my daily work. So those extensions have a high value to myself. Themes i - A Minimal Theme: I used that one for most of my time in VSCode.


  1. Gradient tools ⚒ 22.02.2018
    Last week I’ve found nearly at the same time two tools to easily create nice CSS gradients. GradPad GradPad is a nice, near full-screen, interactive tool to create gradients. There are two large knobs you can use to span the gradient and define the angle. Then there is sort of a timeline below where you can distribute your color stops on and on top of that define the opacity. Nice!