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  1. VSCode Extensions 30.07.2019
    I’m using VSCode since several years for private projects, but also during my working time as a frontend developer. Within this time I got a lot of extensions installed, tested and uninstalled again. But today I would like to report about those extensions that I kept in and use in my daily work. So those extensions have a high value to myself. Themes i - A Minimal Theme: I used that one for most of my time in VSCode.
  2. Variable Fonts 04.03.2019

    Today I would like to talk about variable fonts on the web. But what are those?

    Variable fonts are an evolution of the OpenType font specification that enables many different variations of a typeface to be incorporated into a single file, rather than having a separate font file for every width, weight, or style. They let you access all the variations contained in a given font file via CSS and a single @font-face reference. – MDN


  1. Gradient tools ⚒ 22.02.2018
    Last week I’ve found nearly at the same time two tools to easily create nice CSS gradients. GradPad GradPad is a nice, near full-screen, interactive tool to create gradients. There are two large knobs you can use to span the gradient and define the angle. Then there is sort of a timeline below where you can distribute your color stops on and on top of that define the opacity. Nice!
  2. Dimensions.ai - Product launch 18.02.2018
    Since more than two years I work now at ÜberResearch GmbH. Which I already wrote about it (in 🇩🇪). Pretty short after my start there, I was involved into brainstorming and prototyping for a new product. Now years later, at 15th of January 2018, we launched the first official version of it under Dimensions.ai! It is pleasing to see that initial ideas went into something “game-changing” official which is used worldwide by researchers, funders, institutions and publishers.


  1. Hello 🇩🇪 18.10.2017
    From now on beside writing posts in 🇬🇧, some of them will also appear in 🇩🇪 and vice versa. I’m looking forward to also write 🇩🇪 blogposts here in the near future.
  2. House Renovation - Diagnosis and Consultation 28.09.2017
    This first part of my blogpost series about diagnosis and consultation. Diagnosis We started the house renovation early this year and our diagnosis part lasted for many months and here is why: We had a few things on our todo list we wanted to have been done during this renovation like renovating two bathrooms, getting new windows and doors and others we didn’t, like removing the old floor and getting new screed.
  3. House Renovation 28.09.2017
    House Renovation - Blogpost series Some time ago I asked on twitter whether some of you might be interested in a series about house renovation and some write up of all those things me and my family gone through the last nine months. Hat hier jemand Interesse an einem Blogpost zum Thema #Sanierung im #Altbau? Könnte mir vorstellen darüber zu schreiben… #sanierung2017 pic.twitter.com/1PYXLyQcTG — Andreas Sander (@andi1984) 5. Juli 2017
  4. CSS Quantity Queries 27.09.2017
    Hi, today I want to talk about a handy CSS snippet for day to day usage. The CSS Quantity Queries! How to use? I don’t want to give you the full background or insight into those. Especially as Heidon Pickering has done this already in a great A List Apart article. Let’s say you have an unordered list <ul> <li>1st</li> <li>2nd</li> <li>3rd</li> </ul> you want or need to style somehow different depending on the quantity of list items in it.
  5. btconf2017 20.05.2017
    Hi, three long years after my first #btconf, my second took place in Düsseldorf early this week from 15th to 17th of May 2017. I arrived with a colleague on Sunday afternoon and with us real ☀️ weather. We checked in, waiting for other friends to arrive and then our target for the Sunday evening was the kickoff event at Sipgate. Kickoff Event @ Sipgate I really enjoyed my first Düsseldorf 🍺 and meeting a lot of people from my timeline there in person.


  1. HTTP/2 Talk by Christian Schaefer (German) 26.12.2016
    Christian Schaefer or better known as @derSchepp on Twitter did a great summing up talk at the Microsoft - Technical Summit 2016 a few weeks ago about the HTTP protocol history and the newest baby — HTTP/2 — in special. You can watch the video below, but I’m sorry for the non-german readers… the talk was given in German by Christian as it is his native language and the summit took place in Darmstadt.
  2. Serviceworker 12.12.2016
    As you are seeing this Service Workers are running successfully in the background of this website. Hooray 🎉
  3. Mistakes I made #01 - Array.prototype.indexOf 20.11.2016
    Today I want to talk about a misconception about Array.prototype.indexOf I came across a few days ago. What is it doing? The indexOf() method returns the first index at which a given element can be found in the array, or -1 if it is not present. (MDN) So this is pretty simple to understand, right? … Nope! Not for me as my mistake will show you. Playing around with it So here are some examples:
  4. Hello again... 12.11.2016
    Place for thoughts and ideas This is my first try since years to build up my own place to publish my ideas, thoughts on. Further on it serves as a playground for me as a webdeveloper to test out ideas. One idea is to progressively enhance this blog on the long run as a side project. So I “[…] start by establishing a basic level of user experience that all browsers will be able to provide when rendering […], but […] also build in more advanced functionality that will automatically be available to browsers that can use it.